If your toddler has to take antibiotics

Studies are supporting  the theory that antibiotics may progressively alter the composition and function of the gut micro-biome (gut bacteria). With approx. 80% of your immune system living in your gastrointestinal tract its important to support your micro-biome.

Antibiotics should be used when necessary, but please use probiotics in conjunction.

If you child is over two years – I  like BioCeutical’s SB Floractive for your toddler while on the antibiotics and a week post.  Please check with your chemist to ensure its the appropriate probiotic strain alongside the antibiotic your child is taking.

SB Floractive – comes in a capsule, start with 1/2 capsule  daily and increase to 1 capsule per day over the course of a couple of days. Can mix with water / milk / yogurt and be taken the same time as the antibiotics.

If you need help with which strain of probiotic or addressing your child’s gut bacteria, please call me to organise a personal consultation.

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