Are you for making one diet change today ??

I recently started working at HealthSpace in Kingsford on Tuesday as a Clinical Nutritionist. I got chatting to a client of the Chiropractic as she waited. She had a few complains and when I suggested she come for a consult to chat about her diet, she said ‘oh no, I love my food too much’. I get it, food is an emotional comfort for most of us, but remember we can all start to make small steps today and for some, small changes can help prevent disease, slow the ageing process, improve mental capacity, and increase energy levels. Sounds good ??
Are you up for one change today ? focus on eating a variety of quality vegetables and lots of it, at least half your plate is a great start. If you aren’t sure what vegetables provide specific nutrients, focus on a variety of colours and types, from leafy greens to cruciferous vegetables.
For the month of April I am offering half price initial consults on Tuesday at Kingsford’s call (02) 9663 2151 to book. I am there from midday till 7pm.

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